Top 5 Organic Food Companies

I am writing about Top 5 Organic Food Companies in the world with their description, goal and functions of their own. So let’s start for Top 5 Organic Food Companies step by step.

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Organic Food:

Organic food is a kind of food made without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMO products. This type of food is good for our health when we compare it with the processed foods available in the market full of preservatives and other harmful ingredients that can create problems for our body if we eat them regularly.

Many companies are trying to bring organic food in front because people like it more than the other available foods on the market. It won’t be wrong to say that many people worldwide prefer organic food nowadays because they know the benefits of its consumption. Some companies are making organic food in different parts of the world, and they have made brand image because of their love with people. The top 5 Organic Food Companies are given below:

Top 5 Organic Food Companies

1. Amy’s Kitchen:

Amy’s Kitchen is an American company that Rachel and Andy Berliner in 1987 found. They started this company to make better quality vegetarian foods for those who want to eat healthily but don’t like meat. This company also has many facilities such as production plants, distribution centres, etc., in the USA, Canada, UK, and other countries. Currently, it is producing more than 600 products which include soups, pasta, pizzas etc. They are trying to give the best services to their customers to get a positive response from them. Indeed through these efforts, they are making their place in the Top 5 Organic Food Companies list.

2. Clif Bar:

Clif Bar is an American company found by Gary, the father of famous cyclist and Olympian winner Lance Armstrong, in 1990. This is a profitable company with a large number of brands, but it mainly produces energy bars made with high-quality ingredients such as nuts, seeds, fruits, etc. In addition to this, they also have healthy breakfast foods, including cereals and granola bars under their brand name ‘Lunch Box’. Clif Bar products are available in all health stores across the USA and some other countries also. They recently bought another famous brand, ‘Coco-Gels’, a penguin-shaped gummy snack. This shows how much they care about their customers and are dedicated to bringing the Top 5 Organic Food Companies list.

3. Organic Valley:

Organic Valley is an organic food company that George Siemon found in 1988 in America. This company has its herd of cows that help it provide a large quantity of milk every day that is free from hormones and antibiotics. Its products include cheese, dairy etc. They have around 1500 farmers working under them for milk collection, which makes it one of the top 5 organic food companies in the world. Other brands under this company are ‘Organic Prairie’ (the name comes from ‘Prairie’, a collective term for all fertile grassland), ‘High Meadows’ (with high-quality dairy products), ‘Organic Essentials’ (for organic food lovers) and others.

4. Earthbound Farm:

Earthbound Farm is an American company founded by Drew Goodman in 1984 to provide fresh and healthy organic foods to all those who want to eat them but don’t have time for farming. Their products are available in all major supermarkets across the USA and Canada at present. They mainly produce salad mixes, fruits, vegetables etc., under different brand names such as ‘Earthbound’, ‘Crisphead’, ‘Field Blend’ etc. One of the facts about this company that makes it popular among its customers is using eco-friendly practices while producing food through their farms. Which shows how much they care for the environment and are committed to providing organic food.

5. Whole Foods:

Whole foods is an American company Mackey David founded in 1980 as a small shop of natural and organic food products. Presently it has built its supermarket across many cities of the USA. People can buy different kinds of healthy food items directly at home like fresh vegetables, fruits etc. It offers more than 7000 high-quality health food products under other brand names that include ‘Alter Eco’, ‘Celestial Seasonings’, ‘365 Everyday Value’ etc. The main motive behind this supermarket is to make available all such items that have fewer chemicals while promoting healthy eating habits among people to lead a longer life with a lesser risk of diseases.

The description mentioned above will help you to know about the Top 5 organic foods companies that are providing healthy food items to customers through their brands. These foods are made with natural and safe ingredients only without using any kind of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones in them so that the customers can get maximum health benefits from them by eating those healthy products every day while leading a normal life style like other people who don’t have any kind of health problems or sicknesses etc. because they are care of their health very well. Other than this, they also provide organic health supplements and other similar products that help in improving personal health.

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