Top 5 Most Fattening Foods

From this blog post, I will write about Top 5 most fattening foods on the globe. Step by step, I will give a complete description of these foods. I will also describe those foods’ positive or negative sides step by step. First of all, I will start with the most fattening food on this globe. Let’s start!

Top 5 most fattening foods


It was discovered in Italy in the 9th century when they started to bake bread. We call it pizza, but when I was a child, I didn’t eat this food because my parents never order this food for me, and my friends don’t want to eat pizza. But after about 15 years later this food gain popularity in the USA and other countries. If you are going to eat this food, it’s obvious that the calories you consume will be doubled comparing with other foods. This is because pizza has white flour and full cheese, which makes this food more fattening than other foods on the globe.

Pizzas are a favorite food for many people around the globe and also the most fattening food among all the other foods. Many pizza lovers like to eat pizzas that are loaded with veggies, cheese, meat, and various other topping stuff. According to recent statistics, American people eat more than 150 slices of pizza every year and consider it their delicious food with decent taste. Almost all children want to eat this kind of food. But it is very carbohydrate food, and we can’t take it every day. It can cause huge fattening in your body. However, pizza is delicious food that we should eat with control.

Pizza contains many calories. It has around 320 to 1000 calories. If you compare with other foods globally, you will find pizzas contain higher calories than any other food on this globe because pizzas are made up of refined flour, sugar, and various types of topping stuff like cheese, meat, etc. Due to high levels of these ingredients, your body will take more calories from pizzas than any other food in this world.

Pizzas are the most expensive and fattening food in the world. By eating pizzas regularly, you will gain weight quickly because it is not good for your health. You can eat this food if you have to celebrate a special event like a birthday, wedding anniversary, etc., or on Christmas day; please do not take more of them in your regular diet. I will suggest you eat pizzas on special occasions and holidays only if you want to get rid of your chubby belly quickly and easily.

Here I have shown a chart on about one slice of large pizza’s food values:

Cholesterol12.2 mg.
Sodium355.3 mg.
Carbohydrates60.1 g.
Dietary Fiber3 g.
Protein11.7 g.
Fat9.1 g.
Saturated Fat2.6 g.
Trans Fatty Acids0.3 g.
Polyunsaturated Fat0.7 g.
Monounsaturated Fat1.5 g.

The USDA National Nutrient Database provides all the information for Standard Reference, Release 25.

To get the most nutritional benefits from the pizzas, you should choose a good sauce, loads of veggies, and lactose-free cheese to make it a healthy meal for you.


During the earliest times when people used to live in caves, the very first cheese was made from sheep’s milk. As time passes, these kinds of cheeses were replaced by some other types of cheeses. From that time, many varieties of cheese were made from cow’s milk and goat’s milk.

You can easily find about 500 to 700 different kinds of cheese based on how it is processed, ingredients, etc. I am sure that cheese is one of the best natural sources and very popular and liked by all aged people worldwide. Cheese has been produced from milk coming from cows, sheep, or other animals (such as goats, buffalo, etc.) for thousands of years.

Throughout history, cheese has been an essential source of fat in the diet. In general, the nutritional value of cheese is similar to a block of butter. One slice of cheddar contains more than 200 calories, around 1/4 pound cheddar cheese – close to 600 calories and at least 30 grams of saturated fat. This is why most people are not able to take cheese food frequently.

Cheese contains a huge amount of fat. If you are fond of cheese and want to take it regularly, try to choose a low-fat type like Cottage Cheese or reduced-fat Mozzarella cheese. But remember never forgot to consume less than 600 calories from this fattening food. This is very necessary otherwise you will gain weight soon with whole your efforts.

Every 100g Cheese contains:


But we can take cheese if it is less in fat by choosing a light version. Light versions of cheese have less saturated fat than regular ones. These types of cheeses include low-fat and nonfat varieties, as well as reduced-fat cheddar. If you are willing to lose weight and still want to consume cheese, it is good to choose lower-fat options.


It was invented in 1847 by an American, Hanson Gregory of New Haven. The doughnut is a kind of deep-fried sweet food made from dough. However, it can be eaten with icing (frosting) or without the icing, with chocolate and other stuff on top. We use this food mainly in celebrations like birthday parties, but this is not good for our health because it contains a large amount of sugar.

Doughnuts are delicious sweet food that can be eaten either hot or cold. Since 1847 in America, they have been around where they were served deep-fried in particular areas during World War One. Now the doughnuts are served in many eateries and shops around the globe like Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts etc. You can also make them at home.

Doughnuts are most fattening because they contain more calories than any other food in the world. If you have a doughnut for breakfast, it will add more than 2,000 calories to your daily eating plan. Doughnuts are a great source of saturated fat and sugar, and also they are full of trans fats. If you take more doughnuts regularly, then you can feel its negative effects on your health.

The best way to eat doughnuts is less frequently and choose a smaller size. If you are crazy about doughnuts, then I recommend you don’t take it more often in your diet plan because it can increase your body’s level of bad cholesterol through the daily intake. You should also avoid any kind of nutty flavor, chocolate-covered, cream-filled, jelly-filled doughnuts that are high in calories.

It is tough for dieters to resist them because they have great taste and texture. If you want to eat this food regularly, I suggest you make them at home otherwise take them very occasionally because it is not suitable for your health.

Every 100g Doughnuts contains:

Saturated Fat10.3g
Trans Fat0.5g
Fiberless than 1g

Potato Chips

It was invented by George Crum in 1853 in America when a customer asked for french fries that were crispy but less salty than the ones made at the time. When he prepared this dish, it was so hot that when served to the customer, it became soggy and he got angry with him. Since then, Crispy Potato Chips are very famous globally as a snack food because of their taste (full of salt), and they were popular for several years.

It is essential to control the actual amount of potato chips that you eat each day. Potato Chips are rich in trans fat. Trans fats will drive your good cholesterol levels down and increase bad cholesterol, creating serious health problems like heart attack, stroke, or even death. Another risk is that you may develop diabetes if you regularly take this food item in your diet.

Potato chips contain the highest amount of calories than you think. It is very important if you are going to take potato chips, then you must know its nutritional values and count how many calories it contains.

If you have a party in your home and want to serve some snacks, then potato chips can be the best option. Otherwise, if you are going to take them regularly in your diet plan, it is not good for your health because it contains saturated fats by which you will gain weight quickly. It would be best to try other delicious snacks like boiled peanuts, pistachios, and popcorn low in saturated fat.

Each 100g Potato Chips contains:

Saturated Fat1g
Total Fat16g
Total Dietary Fiber3g

If you are not planning to lose weight, there is nothing wrong with taking potato chips occasionally, but you must stop it if you want to lose weight because it contains many calories and unhealthy fats.


I am sure that ice cream is the most popular dessert food in the world. Ice cream can be made at home, or you can buy it from any ice cream shop, and you can eat this food on a hot summer day. The most famous brands of ice cream in America are Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, etc. Do you know that how many calories are contained in a single scoop of vanilla ice cream? It is almost equal to the calories of 3 chocolate chip cookies, so if you take two scoops of Ice cream in your diet plan, then it will add 650 calories to your daily intake.

It is hard for people to resist eating ice cream when they are at a party or picnic. It is very good to buy and eat ice cream once a week; however, if you are an ice cream lover, it will be better for you never to take this food item in your diet plan because they contain many calories, sugar, saturated fat, etc. If you have diabetes, you must keep away from ice cream because it can quickly increase your blood glucose level.

It is not a good option to take ice cream in the morning with milk because it contains 300 calories, and it will add extra calories to your daily diet plan. But if you have an urge to eat this food item, choose light ice creams containing low-fat milk like Haagen Dazs.

A single scoop of ice cream contains almost 81 gms of sugar, which is equal to the amount contained in 3 chocolate chip cookies. So control your desire if you are planning to lose weight. Otherwise, eat this food item only once a week so it will be better for you and keep your body fit.

If you are planning to take ice cream in your diet plan, it is better for you never to choose full-fat ice creams because they have saturated fats by which your cholesterol levels will increase and can even lead to heart attack or stroke. But if you want to eat low-fat ice cream, then buy from the grocery stores because they are healthier than the full-fat ones.

Another important thing about ice cream is that it contains phosphorus and calcium, increasing your bone density if you take them regularly in your diet plan. But it would help if you controlled yourself from eating extra portions of this food item; otherwise, it will reduce its nutritional values. Always consume fewer calories from ice cream, so it is better for you.

Each 100g Ice-Cream contains:

Total Dietary Fiber0g

Finally, I suggest that fattening foods are not bad for you if you take them once a week, but you must keep your eating healthy food. If you are serious about your weight loss program, I suggest you take foods containing fewer calories and fats because they will never harm your health. You must keep yourself away from high-calorie food items if you want to stay fit and healthy for your whole life.

So stop eating fattening food items on a large scale and take them only once a week because you need to maintain your fitness and healthy body.

Note: Its size, color, and manufacturer may vary all the above information. I have provided this information based on my personal experience in its preparation, storage, and usage. The above information is collected from various sources. But I tried my best to provide information that is as accurate as possible. If you found any issue with this information, then please let me know by commenting below. I will try my best to solve your problem, and if possible, I will update all the information in few days. You can check my other articles related to foods for more helpful information.


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