Top 10 Fast Food Brands in India

For those looking for the Top 10 Fast Food Brands in India, this post is for you.

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Fast food is one of the most popular restaurants that serve ready-to-eat food, especially to people who are always in a rush and don’t have time to prepare their meals. These restaurants are usually crowded because they have a simple menu (burgers, fries, etc.), fast service, and relatively low prices. This kind of restaurant is spread all over the world that’s why you can find it in India also, even though Indian food culture is different than western culture.

There are many fast-food restaurants in each country, but I will discuss the Top 10 Fast Food Brands in India, known worldwide for their taste and quality.

Top 10 Fast Food Brands in India

This article gives brief information on India’s top ten fast-food brands by analyzing customer reviews and average ratings of each brand on various online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. So without wasting time, let’s get started with the first one:-

1. Domino’s Pizzas:

The biggest pizza company in the world is now in India, providing pizzas, burgers, etc. Domino’s Pizza is famous for its unique recipes and quality; its main selling point is – “freshness.” Another piece of information about this brand is that it provides its services in more than 85 countries of the world!

Domino’s Pizza company started its journey in India in 1996, which is 20 years ago. Now the question is that why it has taken so long to expand its business? The answer is that they are expanding their market slowly and carefully. According to an official report, Domino’s Pizzas has more than 332 stores in India.

2. Subway:

It provides healthy food at your doorstep to fulfill your appetite. These guys started their branch across many cities in India and serving quality food with fresh vegetables since 2011. Subway is famous for its sandwiches with different sauces, which make it unique from other brands. Subway has always been consistent in serving food on time and maintaining good customer service because our customers make us grow.

As per the official report, Subway has nearly 89 stores across India under franchisees’ supervision. Franchisee system helps you get more customers easily if your store is located in a busy area, i.e., high traffic zone or near tourist spots, etc.

3. Nandos:

This restaurant has its branches all over the world. That’s why it is also popular in India due to their unique taste of spicy chicken dishes with different kinds of sauces (Peri Peri, Garlic), burgers & much more to enjoy under one roof. Their menu varies according to country so you can expect quite different taste than Western countries, but I’m sure you will love its Indian taste.

Nando’s has 245 branches in India, and it is growing fast. Each Nandos branch has its menu according to its location and customer taste preference.

4. Dunkin Donuts:

It is an American fast-food restaurant that provides donuts, beverages, and foodstuff like sandwiches, hash browns, etc. Still, it has its branches only in major cities of India (Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, etc.). Their menu is comparatively costly than some other restaurants, but the quality & quantity of their products are outstanding. People usually buy Dunkin Donuts online on various sites like Amazon & Flipkart at reasonable prices (Discounted & Offered).

5. Burger King:

It is another international restaurant that provides burgers, fries, etc., like other fast-food chains. Still, people love its veggie burger (Crispy patty), which is not available in any other brands. They have 5 branches in India, out of which 3 are in Delhi, and the rest are in Hyderabad and Mumbai, respectively.

Their menu includes many different items like cheeseburgers, Whopper, crispy chicken sandwiches, and much more. Still, I think their main selling point is “quality” because they always maintain good quality & quantity simultaneously even though it is slightly costly than others.

6. KFC:

It is a famous American quick-service restaurant chain with branches in all major cities of India and even in small towns. It has varieties of chicken & wing items with different tastes so you can have it meaty or non-meaty according to your choice, also they serve desserts like ice creams, etc.

KFC is growing fast in India, but it has not expanded its menu according to Indian taste. Their standard menu remains the same.

7. Wendys:

This well-known fast food company from America started its branch in Gurgaon near Delhi NCR to compete with other big industry players because Indians are really fond of Western cuisines, especially Chinese & Italian pizzas & burgers, etc choice for them.

Their menu includes many different items like burgers, sandwiches, and salads, but I think its taste makes it different from others. Their standard menu consists of a quite unique combination of sauces that enhances your mood while having food at Wendy’s.

8. Shake Shack:

This American fast-casual restaurant chain serves traditional fast food items like burgers, fries, etc., and shakes. Still, its price is usually higher than other restaurants, which makes it different from other Indian Fast Food Restaurants in terms of services & taste, and the quality of products used in their menu. The branch of this company started recently (2017) in India, the first in Delhi NCR to compete with other big players because people love to eat burger & pizzas when they are out shopping or traveling, etc.

9. Domino’s India:

This famous Indian brand is an international food-ordering and delivery service that provides pizzas, pieces of bread, salads & desserts worldwide with different tastes in each region. It allows its customers to choose toppings for Pizza (Mexican, Italian, etc.) according to their taste.

Domino’s India has more than 725 branches in India, out of which most are located in Delhi NCR. Still, you can find this restaurant worldwide even though it is famous mainly in America & European countries.

10. Pizza Hut:

It is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands that provide Pizza, pasta & pastries, etc., like other international fast food brands, but its menu has varieties of dishes (Mexican, Italian, etc.) according to customers’ location and taste preference.

Pizza Hut started its branch in India recently (2016), making it a relatively new player in the Indian market because people never prefer to eat Italian dishes. However, they like American fast-foods very much, which is considered one of the major reasons for its low popularity rate among teenagers or youngsters.

Here I have mentioned the Top 10 Fast Food Brands in India, which are currently largest or popular in the Indian market, and their top-selling dishes, price list, etc. You can visit any restaurant of your choice & get the best taste according to your palate.

I hope this article would be helpful for both students and housewives because it provides basic information about fast food menus, entry fees, etc.

Please comment below if I have missed any of your favorite brands. Share this article if you like it.

Thank You.

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