Harmful Top 10 Bad Dog Foods

This article is for yours who are looking for the Top 10 Bad Dog Foods in the world. I will write step by step about the Top 10 Bad Dog Foods which are very harmful to your dog.

If you are a dog lover, there is no doubt that this article will be useful to you. So please stay with me until the end of the article if you want to know what bad dog foods have been found so far in the world. For those of you who want to know the Top 10 Bad Dog Foods. Here’s the information that I have to share with you.

Top 10 Bad Dog Foods

1) Dog Food Containing Glutens:

Gluten, sometimes called glutin, is a protein found in cereals such as wheat, rye, and barley. To date, there is no scientific evidence that dogs can also consume gluten or not. But it has been proven by experts that the dog’s intestines are more sensitive to gluten than humans.

Gluten can cause the body to produce a protein called Zonulin. This is indirectly harmful to the dog’s intestinal tract because it facilitates bacteria and food particles into blood vessels and other parts that do not belong there. This causes an autoimmune response in which antibodies are produced against their tissues, causing damage to organs.

If you want to keep your dog healthier and safer in the future, be sure to avoid putting gluten in pet foods.

2) Dog Food Containing Harmful Preservatives:

When buying dog food, always be careful with artificial preservatives since they can cause allergies for dogs. Artificial preservatives are often used to increase the shelf life of products sold on the market. The most commonly used artificial preservative is BHT or butylated hydroxytoluene. This chemical compound has been scientifically proven to disrupt the normal activity of cell enzymes, which may lead to cancer. Similarly, ethoxyquin is also harmful if eaten by dogs because it interferes with some enzyme activities in their bodies and causes damage to the dog’s livers.

Preservatives also tend to be toxic to the liver and also affect the normal functioning of the kidneys. This will result in the hardening of the dog’s arteries, which can cause cerebral hemorrhage or bleeding.

3) Dog Food Containing Harmful Chemicals:

Most dog food products that are very popular nowadays contain chemical substances such as melamine and other ingredients that can make your dog sick. Melamine is a chemical compound used since 1940 for manufacturing human plastics and resins because it makes the plastic more durable, stronger and heat resistant.

A recent scandal occurred when mixing melamine with wheat gluten to produce more protein in the pet food products sold worldwide. This incident has killed thousands of pets worldwide, especially in China, due to severe kidney damage or acute renal failure. If you want to prevent any illness from happening to your beloved dogs, avoid feeding them foods containing harmful chemicals such as melamine.

Other Harmful Chemicals are BPA and Phthalates. BPA is usually used as a plasticizer found in containers for canned food such as pet foods, water bottles, baby bottles, mouthwashes and others. This chemical on dogs makes their kidneys work harder by producing more urine to get rid of toxic substances coming from BPA.

4) Dog Food Containing Aluminum:

Aluminum is a heavy metal, and several studies have been done on the effects of aluminum when ingested. Results show that this substance can be very detrimental to health, especially if it reaches the dog’s bloodstream through the intestines due to synthetic food additives or processed ingredients with high levels of aluminum salt.

Do not ever feed your dog with foods containing toxic compounds such as aluminum. This type of aluminum in dog food is often found in processed foods and products because it prolongs the shelf life.

5) Dog Food Containing Artificial Flavors:

When consumed in high levels, artificial flavors can cause dogs to have allergic reactions or skin conditions such as dermatitis, itching, redness on the skin and rashes due to constant scratching because it’s itchy for them. These ingredients are usually added to make the food appealing to people, especially those who do not know anything about nutrition for dogs. So if there is a lot of artificial colors and flavors used on pet foods, then this doesn’t mean that they are healthy but only made it attractive for humans.

You can find this artificial ingredient in dog food made from vegetable ingredients, mainly because the producers want to add more flavor to their products. Several studies have been conducted, and results show that artificial colors can cause even cancer for dogs. So, if you are looking for a pet food product with natural flavors included, I suggest checking those foods that do not use artificial flavors.

6) Dog Food Containing Harmful Dietary Additives:

The next Top 10 Bad Dog Foods is a group of ingredients known as harmful dietary additives. These are not considered nutritional, but they are added in dog foods because producers believe this will give their products an edge over similar products or make products more appealing to consumers and pet owners.

You will easily understand this when you see a dog food with ingredients such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), cottonseed oil, corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, BHT added to it, such as those E numbers.

Remember that additive is something that is not supposed to be in the dog’s diet. Some of these ingredients can also cause allergies or illness for your dogs when used in large amounts because their bodies cannot process them properly. You should stay away from dog foods containing harmful dietary additives as much as possible if you care about your pet’s health and well-being.

7)Dog Food Using Animal By-Products:

While some pet owners think these products are healthy and nutritious for dogs, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Animal by-products include parts of animals such as heads, feet, intestines, bones and other body parts that are not suitable for human consumption.

These ingredients can also cause allergies to your dog if you decide to feed it with foods containing animal by-products, such as dog food made up of chicken necks or turkey wings. So always check the label before buying a product containing any animal by-product because the chances are that they may be harmful to your beloved doggies.

8) Dog Food Containing Carrageenan:

In many cases, vets will recommend a special diet plan to treat or manage disease conditions in pets such as arthritis, musculoskeletal problems and skin conditions such as dermatitis or itchy skin. Carrageenan could be an alternative to help dogs cope with these conditions, but studies are showing that this ingredient may cause cancer for dogs.

Carrageenan is extracted from red seaweed, so I suggest you look at dog food brands not using this ingredient in their products for your dog’s health safety. You can find other ingredients instead of carrageenan if you want a product that will really help manage your dog’s diseases and also provide nutritional benefits at the same time.

9) Dog Food Containing Harmful Fats:

Fat is an essential nutrient for dogs because it can help their bodies develop properly and sustain normal brain functions. However, dog fats may be harmful if they come from unhealthy sources such as animal fat obtained by slaughterhouses or fresh meat treated with antiseptic solutions before packaging. 

These kinds of harmful fats are not good to eat by pets due to certain chemicals, which tend to cause diarrhea, vomiting and gastrointestinal problems. Also, avoid feeding your dogs with bad fats like those coming from foods containing trans-fatty acids or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils mainly from soybean oil, cottonseed oil and rapeseed oils. These types of ingredients are harmful to your pet’s health and are also known to cause cancer.

10) Dog Food Containing Yeast Extract Fillers:

This kind of unhealthy ingredients can be found in dog food with “dried yeast” or “crude protein”. Dried yeast is a by-product of beer production. These are fungi or mold that have been broken down into powder form and are typically used as a nutrient source for animals.

This may cause allergic reactions to dogs, such as rashes due to their content of several proteins, which will also lead to diarrhea if eaten continuously. If your dog is already sick and has an existing illness, these substances will not help because they only aggravate the dog’s condition even worse. The same goes for poor-quality dog foods containing yeast extract.

All these are the Top 10 Bad Dog Foods that you should avoid feeding your dog at all costs. Always research the brand and ingredients of the food you are about to feed your pet before buying.

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